The Blessing of Visitors!

If you read our website or see our sign out on Rt. 130/Bristol Road, you will notice that we are continually inviting people to come visit.  Thus, from day to day here at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop, we never know who might come down Old County Road looking to join us for our daily weekday Tea Break, take a tour or look at the boats we have for sale.  One thing that we do know, however, is that we will never tire of being surprised and delighted by who takes us up on this offer of hospitality.

Just about a week ago, we welcomed three visitors to tea break, a husband and wife along with the husband’s brother.  They were fun to talk with, and they all enjoyed a tour of the Boat Shop.  Near the end of that tour, the husband asked if we minded if he were to take the time to sketch the boat that sits in front of the sign that welcomes all to the Boat Shop.  Having had numerous artists over the years come to our campus, we were pleased to welcome yet another.

Upon setting up his easel, we realized that this humble artist who had just introduced himself as Jim was actually James Gurney, the creator of the fabulous series, Dinotopia.

His easel set up was a bit more complex than most of the artists who had painted here in the past.  His included a camera and a microphone so that he could video and narrate his sketching and painting which he then turn into a blog for his website and youtube channel.  It was all great fun for us to witness, and we could not be more honored to now be a part of the James Gurney blog!

Enjoy the video that he made as part of his blog here!

We would be delighted to welcome you to The Carpenter’s Boat Shop at our daily weekday tea breaks at 10-10:20am!  Please come join us.  We can’t wait to meet you!