The life and work of the Carpenter’s Boat Shop is supported by the sale of boats and furniture made by the apprentices and by the generous contributions of many people year after year. We are deeply grateful to all those people without whom we could not continue.

If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so online, using the button below.

Donate Now

If you prefer, you may send a donation in the mail to:

The Carpenter’s Boat Shop
440 Old County Road
Pemaquid, Maine 04558
(If using a GPS to navigate to The Boat Shop, substitute Bristol in place of Pemaquid.)

helping with a sewing project


The Carpenter’s Boat Shop has a special program called Friends of the Boat Shop. Currently there are over 15 people who volunteer at different times each week to help with the ongoing work and mission of the Boat Shop.

Some volunteers help us with our boat building projects and help maintain our small fleet of a dozen boats. Other volunteers build Adirondack chairs and Shaker oval boxes which are sold to generate income for the Shop. A few even offer courses to our apprentices in sewing, boat design, and specialized wood working techniques. We are deeply grateful to this remarkably kind, talented, and helpful group. We are pleased to welcome more.

Wish List

Below is a list of some specific items that would be very useful to the shop or community life. Please contact us if you would like to contribute in this way.

For the Campus and Kitchen

  • Gas Gift Cards (Shell, Irving, Sunoco, Mobil) – variable
  • Cambro food storage containers (6) – $20/each
  • Shovels (digging)(4) – $25 each
  • Snow Shovels (8) – $30 each
  • Rechargeable flashlights x4 $80 each
  • LED Track Lighting (for kitchen) – $250
  • Heavy Duty Canister Vacuum (for house) – $250
  • Stainless behind-the-oven wall guard – $300
  • Energy-star rated Refrigerator – $1500

For the Work Shops, Sailing Program, and Library

  • Outdoor solar lights (10) – $25 each
  • Solar panels for boats x4 $50 each
  • Makita Lithium Ion 18V Battery – $80
  • Chainsaw chaps (3 pairs) – $90/each
  • Flow and Go fuel caddy (portable fuel tank) – $140
  • Woodenboat magazine on thumb drive – $155
  • Woodsbarrow (Zach Davis design wheel barrow) – $175
  • Makita router 2 1/4 hp. – $200
  • Festool finish sander – $250
  • 3-ton Floor Jack – $250
  • TotalBoat JD Boat Lift System – $900
  • SawStop Table Saw – $2700

drawer full of metal files

We are very grateful for the response to our wish list. As a reminder, consumer grade tools and equipment do not hold up well to the extended use that Boat Shop equipment receives. Heavy duty, commercial grade, or contractor grade tools are more reliable and have a much longer life span at the Boat Shop.