11′ Monhegan Skiff – Plywood or Cedar Lapstrake: $2,500 – $2,700


The 11′ Monhegan Skiff is a scaled up version of the 9 ½ foot Monhegan Skiff for those looking to carry more passengers or more gear. Similar to its smaller kin, it is a durable, nimble, and attractive tender or row boat that tracks well and has a high load carrying capacity. The Monhegan Skiff is an ideal rowboat, but can be fitted with a reinforced motor mount for a light outboard.  A pair of six-foot Sawyer oars and bronze oarlocks are included with your purchase.

All of our skiffs are built with Maine cedar bottoms and Northeastern oak chines.  Our Cedar Lapstrake skiffs are not only free of any tropical hardwoods, we proudly build them entirely of wood from Maine and North American forests.  For especially rugged usage, Monhegan Island fishermen favor our Marine Plywood-sided skiffs.

  • Cedar Lapstrake: $2,700 plus sales tax.
  • Marine Plywood topsides: $2,500 plus sales tax.
  • We gladly build to order.  To order a customized skiff, please use the contact form on the left side of this page.

Additional options:

  • Gunwale Guard:  canvas-covered rubber on the rails of your boat give added protection against docks and other boats.
  • Beach Skids:  rugged PVC or natural oak skids strips on the bottom of the boat give protection for beach landings.  Skiffs with beach skids will not have a skeg in the stern.
  • Horseshoe Stern Seat
  • Bow eye for a rugged painter tie point (standard skiff comes with an interior ring and pad-eye)
  • Kirby Anti-fouling Copper Bottom Paint:  for skiffs that will spend the summer in the harbor, this paint deters marine growth.
  • Environmentally Friendly Anti-fouling Bottom Paint:  deter barnacles and slime with a lower-impact copper-free bottom paint.


  • 135″ Length overall, 48″ wide, and 13-1/2″ deep amidships.  If you were going to make a box to store it in, the box would need to be 24″ high to accommodate maximum sheer and rocker.  The dry weight is about 130-140 lbs.
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