Pond Hockey!

Coming to Pemaquid every summer with the Basking Ridge youth group* has made me believe what an incredible place the Boat Shop can be in the summertime, but the hidden gem that seemed to elude me every year was this perfect game of hockey to be played outdoors. Bobby Ives had always explained to us the importance of this sport here and how every game ended with a tie. When it came time to set up the rink in New Harbor in January, I was ecstatic thinking I finally had the chance to fulfill my childhood dream. Pond hockey here at the Boat Shop embodies the passion and hard work that we apprentices face everyday, but also a spirit of friendly competitiveness without the need for winning. Although our season was cut short by the recent blizzard, the bonds that we are creating with each other and the surrounding community will last much longer in our hearts together.  

                                        by Tom Limongello – Apprentice Class of 2016-17

*Editor’s note:  Almost every July since 1985, The Presbyterian Church in Basking Ridge, NJ sends about 40 youth and 15 adults on a Workcamp/Mission Trip here to The Carpenter’s Boat Shop for 9 days.  During their time here, they volunteer for the Community Housing Improvement Project (CHIP) and also here at the Boat Shop.  For CHIP, they repair and improve the safety of the homes of our local low-income families in Lincoln County, and for the Boat Shop, they complete various maintenance projects around the campus.