Finger-friendly Technology

Most woodworkers would agree that the table saw is the most dangerous power tool.  With its blade spinning at 5,000 rpm (revolutions per minute), just one slip can cause a tremendous injury to its user.

We are quite blessed at the Boat Shop to have two SawStop table saws, one in our main Work Shop and one in our volunteer shop.  SawStop is both a table saw brand name, but more importantly, it is the name of the technology that enables its table saw blades to be able to tell the difference between a piece of wood and your finger.  While using a SawStop table saw, if your finger were to come into contact with the blade, a brake is thrown within 1/100 of a second and the blade stops, leaving you with not much more than a knick on your finger.  It is incredible technology!!

To see a SawStop in action check out this video.  It is not to be missed as it is almost hard to believe!

It is our hope to someday have a third SawStop here at the Boat Shop for our Restoration Shop.  The safety of all of our staff, apprentices, volunteers and summer students is worth the price!