April Update

Dear Friends of the Boat Shop,

I hope this message finds you and yours well! As many know by now, we made the difficult decision several weeks back to close the apprentice program for the remainder of this year due to the Covid-19 virus. Remaining on campus are staff members Sarah, Mary, Kiran, and I, with Darin now commuting everyday from the house he and his family moved to over spring break. Our pared-down community is rounded out with Corinne (Sarah’s partner), and former apprentice, Koala, with their partner, Ryan. The 8 of us are kept in line by assorted dogs and cats.

We have eased into a daily routine that keeps mind and body in good health and good spirits. We share breakfast and lunch together, often times punctuated by a group effort NY Times crossword puzzle. As for our work-jobs: I have been fairly busy with bookkeeping and inventory work, as we have a large selection of new boats that are for sale and plan to showcase them this summer. Along with Sarah, I have also been developing new program and curriculum ideas. Darin and Sarah are working to finish up any boat building tasks that are on a time line, primarily restoration work that needs to be completed, and preparations for our summer launches.

Mary is our designated shopper, and continues to feed us in style! She also is in charge of the interview process for next years apprentice crew, and to that end, we all will be honing our skills in the world of online meetings! Kiran is currently ensconced in renovating Darin’s old apartment, while Koala and Ryan are floaters and helping wherever there is need, which at the moment is our very large wood pile. In addition, Koala and Corrine have been heading up our ‘community engagement/help response’ work – contacting local food pantries and neighbors, etc… to see where the Boat Shop can be of service. 

So far our peninsula is faring very well and we have not been called on for community support, other than checking in with friends and neighbors, and taking occasional walks – albeit 6′ apart. It is still too soon to say what the summer, or even the fall, programs will look like – as with the rest of the world our plans change daily! We continue, however, to move forward with enthusiasm, looking forward to the day when we can welcome people back to campus.

Each of us expresses our gratitude daily for being here, having each other, the work, the woods and trails, and our connection to you – our larger community and benefactors. In these uncertain times the gifts of people, places, and meaningful work shine bright.

With sincere best wishes,
Sonia Turanski, Executive Director