Meet The Boat Shop Staff

Kim Hoare

Kimberly Hoare, Executive Director

Note:  Kim will be departing as the Executive Director on June 16, 2019.

Kim grew up in Basking Ridge, NJ, and first came to the Boat Shop in the summer of 1985 to participate in a work camp for CHIP. She attended Cornell University, and worked as a mathematical statistician for the Census Bureau in Washington, D.C., for six years. Not finding the fulfillment she was looking for there and seeking her own safe harbor, Kim became an apprentice at the Boat Shop in 1996, and then continued at the Boat Shop for two more years as a journeyperson. She then ventured to the west coast to serve as an Americorps volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Portland, OR. In 2000, Kim entered Yale Divinity School, where she earned her Masters of Divinity degree. She was ordained in the United Church of Christ (UCC), a progressive protestant denomination. Since then, she has worked as a hospital chaplain in Bridgeport, CT, as well as having served two churches, one in Farmington, CT, and the other in Farmington, ME. Kim returned to the Boat Shop in January 2012 to take the helm as the new Director upon the retirement of its founder, Bobby Ives, in July 2012. Kim is the proud parent of Sadie, a black lab/hound mutt that she rescued via the Humane Society. 

Darin Carlucci

Darin Carlucci, Instructor

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Darin has spent the past twenty some odd years on the East coast. After coming this way to be a MOFGA farm apprentice for a year, he has been on or in boats ever since as either deck crew or in a boat yard, which included an apprenticeship at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop in 1996-97. Darin began instructing full-time at the Boat Shop in 2003. He met his wife, Serafina, shortly thereafter doing something they both enjoy very much – dancing. Other than dancing, he enjoys playing with his two children, Linnea and Calla, spending time outside and working on various projects at the same time.

Sarah Highland

Sarah Highland, Instructor

Sarah Highland grew up in Philadelphia and New Mexico, eventually settling in Ithaca, NY, where she ran a small business as a carpenter, contractor, and designer for many years. Early on, she fell in love with timber framing, partly for the craft, and partly for the way in which raising a frame together builds community. Pursuing that thread, Sarah taught timber framing, straw-clay, and straw bale construction workshops, and led numerous community-built playground projects. She also continues to work as a facilitator for the Cornell Team and Leadership Center. Sarah’s experiences with the Peaceweavers Community in Bath, NY, as well as her spring apprenticeship at the Carpenter’s Boat Shop in 2009, affirmed the power of combining care of people and care of craft. She is grateful to be able to live, teach, and learn at The Boat Shop.


Shaun James, Journeyperson

Shaun James grew up in Alberta, Canada where he spent his childhood camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Always an adventurous spirit, Shaun enjoys gathering experiences both at home and abroad. Over the years he has worked as a steward on trains in Scotland and Canada; he spent a summer living on the Shetland Islands photographing puffins and ponies; and he has WWOOF’ed on organic farms in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Maine. In 2009 Shaun attended the Aegean Centre for the Fine Arts on the Greek island of Paros where he studied photography, art history, Greek literature, and creative writing. While living in Greece Shaun developed a fascination for the country’s traditional wooden boats and after meeting a retired Greek boat builder, returned to North America determined to learn the craft. In 2015 Shaun’s dream became a reality as an apprentice at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop. Following his apprenticeship in Maine, Shaun traveled to Norway to study traditional Norwegian boatbuilding at folk school in Trøndelag. When not dreaming of boats, Shaun enjoys thinking about how to build a brighter and more gentle world for future generations.

Careyleah MacLeod

Careyleah MacLeod, House Manager

Careyleah is a born and bred New Englander–originally from the Boston area. Her first move to Maine was in 1969, settling in for good in 1978. Careyleah thinks her social work career began when she was a cook in Belfast, ME. As a second, third, or maybe fourth career, she returned to school in her late ’40s to become a therapist. After 20+ years, the last 10 of which was spent on the amazing island of Vinalhaven, she is considering retirement. Of course it made sense to return to cooking. It is her absolute joy to be completing the circle by being The Carpenter’s Boat Shop’s new House Manager. Spending time cooking food, talking and listening to people, knitting and music (and reading and hiking and pondering and stoking the fires) are all favorite things to do here!

Serafina Carlucci

Serafina Carlucci, Office Manager

Serafina Carlucci grew up in Massachusetts, near Boston. After moving to Maine about fifteen years ago, she moved to the Boat Shop in 2005 to live with her partner, now husband, Darin. After spending two years as Boat Shop House Manager, she has been running the Boat Shop office ever since, currently from home. Besides spending time with her trusty office assistants (the kids), she enjoys making things, learning new skills and dancing.

Board of Directors

  • Elizabeth Conway – President
  • Karen Filler – Vice-President
  • Peter McNaughton – Treasurer
  • Abby Rowe – Secretary
  • Pam Gormley – Clerk
  • Kenneth Elowe
  • Matthew Filler
  • Ed Hamilton
  • Y. Hugh Hardcastle, III
  • Hannah Harter-Ives
  • David Levesque
  • Michael Putzel
  • James A. Rowan, Jr.
  • Toby Stephenson
  • Rick Wahle

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