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  1. Robert Ludwig says:

    Are you accepting donations of used boats?
    Like a 1985 17ft. O”Day Sailor in very clean condition with sails, covers, motor, trailer and other gear.
    Estimated Market value:$3-4K.

    Glad to support the Carpenter’s Boat shop work.

    • Office TCBS says:

      Hi Robert – Thanks for contacting us with this very generous offer. Generally speaking, we do accept donations of boats in good condition. Each boat will need to be assessed by a staff person just to make sure that we are confident we can find a home for it. I will forward your inquiury to the interim Director and have her follow up. We are just starting our new apprentice year so there may be a bit of a delay in her reply. Do you have timeframe by which you would like to make the donation this fall? Thanks, Abby (Member of the Board of Directors).

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