The Carpenter's Boat Shop
The Carpenter's Boat SHop

The Carpenter’s Boat Shop is pleased to welcome its new Director, Rev. Kim Hoare.   

Kim first came to the Boat Shop in 1985 when she was just a senior in high school with the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church youth group that was volunteering for CHIP (Community Housing Improvement Project).  In 1996-97, Kim was an apprentice at the Boat Shop and then continued on for two more years as an instructor.  Most recently, after receiving her Masters of Divinity from Yale Divinity School in 2003, Kim was ordained in the United Church of Christ (UCC) and has served two churches in Farmington, CT and Farmington, ME.  Kim’s partner, Sharon Fennema, is currently an adjunct lecturer at Harvard Divinity School.  They are residing in the new Director’s House just adjacent to the main Boat Shop campus.

Kim brings with her a true love and passion for the community of the Carpenter’s Boat Shop and is very excited to help lead it through this tremendous time of transition into its future as it continues to live out its mission of “Building Boats, Nurturing Lives and Serving Others.”

Kim began at the Boat Shop on January 15 and will be overlapping with Bobby Ives, serving as co-directors, until his retirement on July 1.

Joyous welcome to Kim!